Young Birds Outside Cages: Sara, 15, Andover, MA

Young Birds Outside Cages

Sara, 15, Andover, MA

Greeting cards
And Lifetime movies
Routinely tell us that everyone deserves love
Everyone deserves air
And clean water
And a roof over their head
Not every deserves love all the time
Because time is the way you spend your love
And the men in the big black boots stole decades of it from us

Let me strap the open road to your shackles, please
I know you miss 5 am and fried rice and rickety drives
Make this place feel like home
Four walls
And air
And roof
And clean water
Place your hands upon an unprecedented
You cannot see
Slide your sweet, gooey perhaps
Down and around my chipped back and shoulders
Say goodbye to the finite ones you know

All efforts to save you from me will fail
All efforts will fall
Slit me up with your content
Stitch me down with slow
With the drizzle in your eyes
And the storm that testifies your bones

I can’t blame you for wanting to live
For we are all at war
With body
With mind
With heart or something close

But my heart is me
And my mind is me
And my body is me or something less
So you see, dearly beloved
It’s a civil war
This war of mine
The war of a young bird free and flying
That would rather be caged up with you.


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