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Saad, Kashmir – A Selection from The Do Write Campaign Chapter “Whispers from Kashmir”

I Live In Kashmir. This Place indeed is a heaven on Earth. But the beauty is not only enough to make this place a Paradise. What everybody sees is the lakes, meadows, snow etc. and they think that ‘yes..this is the heaven’… But from my point of view, this place is broken. Thousands of mothers have lost their innocent sons. Many have lost their Parents for nothing…Thousands of women Have Been Disrespected. Fake Encounters, Crackdowns, Merciless killings…
People Who once used live a luxurious lives are now on roads begging for a penny.
Who knows what happened ?… No One Except the almighty themselves.. But life goes on.
I saw this Mother And Daughter Sitting On Stairway Of A Shrine Known As “Makhdoom Sahib’s Shrine”…
The Mother was taking a rest with her belongings kept safe under her BURQA while as her cute little daughter who was in proper hijab was asking people to give her something in the name of ALLAH.
After seeing them i felt a little sad. I thought to myself that she also deserves to get proper schooling, she deserves much more love and care, she deserves better food. I felt very bad. I though about what could have had happend to her family which caused them to beg on roads. i felt helpless. Because there was nothing that i could do…..


Now I will be working on these stories and i will try to get as much info of such people as i can get..
Because i believe that everything happens for a reason. And everybody has a story to say.


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