Do Write: For Every Voice, For Every Vision.

Hi! My name is Madeleine Lippey and I am 17. I launched The Do Write Campaign in 2011 as a way to unite young people around the world through writing and artistic media. Please join me in the call for teenagers from every country and from all walks of life to submit creative writing, political opinion pieces, artwork, photography, and videography in order to create a global online literary magazine. I believe that Art is a way to express all that we cannot say. It is something we can hide behind, but at the same time, use to steal the spotlight.

When I write, I feel like everything I hold in my heart is let go for just a moment. I feel weightless, thoughtless, less of a human and more of a voice. Whenever I think about the Do Write Campaign, I feel as if my heart is about to burst. There are very few people in the world who can say that, let alone someone so young. And now I am asking you, whoever you are, to have faith in me. I don’t know much about life, the world, or even what good writing is. But I do know this; life isn’t about what you look like, what college you go to, where you live or how much money you earn. Life is about being head over heels in love with EXPRESSION and FREEDOM and DOING WRITE. It’s about ignoring all that “noise” around you, letting people call you crazy, and understanding that craziness can often be greatness.

Expression isn’t about being beautiful. It’s about being honest, and realizing that sometimes the truth has much more power than one can even explain. Impossible? Maybe. But I think the word “impossible” was created just so that the word “possible” could be as well.

Madeleine Lippey