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Click on the video player below to see a clip from Madeleine Lippey’s documentary film “Candle Girls – Human Trafficking in Burma” which she wrote, directed, and filmed on location in Myanmar (Burma), Spring 2013


Click on the video player below to see a clip from Madeleine’s documentary film “Fearless” which she wrote, directed, and filmed on location in the Townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Summer 2011, along with a clip from her documentary film “Mandela Kids” which she produced on location following The Do Write Conference that she organized in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Summer 2012.


Click on the video player below to see a clip of Madeleine Lippey’s documentary film “The Paradox of Our Age” which she wrote, directed, and filmed on location in Dharmasala, India, Summer 2010



Acclaimed New Children's Book by 16-year-old DWC Founder Madeleine Lippey, with a Foreword by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to help orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

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A Little Peace of Me is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book about three kids from very different worlds. The characters – Lucas from the USA, Victorious from Africa, and Amir from the Middle East – meet in a dream by a chocolate river, and soon discover that they have much in common: they are all children who love their families and want to live in a world without war, disease, or poverty.

In his Foreword to the book, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa, wrote:

tutu“A Little Peace of Me” by Madeleine Lippey is a wonderful story that should be read to all children. It embodies the philosophy of ubuntu, which speaks to the very essence of what it means to be a person. Ubuntu is rooted in the idea of human interconnectedness; you can’t be human all by yourself, and when you possess this quality-ubuntu-you are known for your generosity. We too often think of ourselves as individuals, separated from one another, but each person’s decisions and actions can affect the entire world. When you impact your community in a positive way, it spreads out, affecting the whole of humanity. “A Little Peace of Me” does just that: it connects children across the world and reminds us that we all share the same capability to drive lasting and meaningful change.”

Other testimonials include the following:

chase“Madeleine Lippey’s young life, filled with accomplishment and service, bears testament to the motto of her high school, Phillips Academy. That motto in Latin is “Non SIBI”. The English translation, “Not for Self,” urges us all to reach out from our own familiar places to address pain and poverty in the wider world. Madeleine’s book, A Little Peace of Me, speaks to the minds and hearts of young children and urges them to reach out to those close to them with care and love. This is where we must all start to begin to address problems on a broader scale. What better message could we possibly give our children? Thank you, Madeleine, for inspiring me, in and out of the classroom!”

Barbara Landis Chase
Head of School, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA. 1994-2012

leslie lewin“A Little Peace of Me” is a heartwarming story that encourages children of all ages to appreciate one another’s humanity and stresses the importance of similarities alongside differences. At Seeds of Peace, we stress the same values in our international conflict resolution program and seek to provide opportunities for so-called enemies to better understand the human side of the other. We are proud to have Madeleine as one of our “Seeds.” She has shown tremendous passion and compassion in capturing her transformative experience at Seeds of Peace in this wonderful story, and allowing younger children to see the world as she does. This is a must read for children and adults of all ages!”

Leslie Lewin – Chief Executive Officer, Seeds of Peace

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Ubuntu Education Fund (, a South African nonprofit organization providing orphaned and vulnerable children with comprehensive medical and educational services.

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