Start a DWC Chapter

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The Do Write Campaign (DWC)  is establishing partnerships with worldwide network of schools, charitable organizations, women’s groups, and government entities to promote awareness and participation in promoting positive change by engaging young people to help others .
 The Do Write Campaign Chapters are local clubs actively engage local teenagers to help achieve the following goals:


•Encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas, and greater understanding among teens from all walks of life through writing, art and digital media.


•Collect “Fearless” artistic contributions from teens all over the world, share perspectives, increase awareness through media and events.


•Develop solutions, create a global community, overcome challenges and differences.


•Raise awareness and support , and empower teens to drive positive change.


DWC Chapters include High Schools, Universities, Local Charities, Community Organizations, etc and are designed for young people aged 13 to 18, living in both developed and developing countries, who have a passion for writing and a willingness to share their life stories, discuss problems, and exchange ideas to promote positive change.For more information as to how you can start a DWC Chapter in your community, write to us at and we’ll send you additional materials.