Global Teen Literary Magazine


The Do Write Campaign’s Global Online Literary Magazine serves as a Voice for teens around the world. Teenagers from all countries are invited to submit writing, photography, political opinion pieces, artwork, and videography in order to participate in an online literary magazine. Although the literary magazine focuses on teens all around the globe, we have made an extra effort to focus on those who have been deprived of voice all their life. As a result, Do Write has set up chapters in Burma, Pakistan, Tibet, and in the troubled state of Kashmir, where we are working with the abandoned teens there who have been victims of terror and abuse.

Our Online Literary Magazine’s goals are:

Encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas, and greater understanding among teens from all walks of life through writing, art and digital media.

Collect “Fearless” artistic contributions from teens all over the world, share perspectives, increase awareness through media and events.

Develop solutions, create a global community, overcome challenges and differences.
Raise awareness and support , and empower teens to drive positive change.