Recruit Speakers & Leaders

leadersThe Do Write Campaign is interested in recruiting Speakers and Leaders willing to share their stories, insights and advice with our community of young people around the world. We are planning to launch a series of video interviews as well as live interactive TedX and Skype sessions with Leaders to share with our worldwide comunnity of young people. By harnessing our digital media platform, we hope to offer our community of teenagers around the world the opportunity to learn from and be motivated by established Leaders and expand their intellectual horizons. We are paticularly interested in Speakers and Leaders from both developed and developing countries in the following fields:

- Education – Teachers and Professors from High Schools and Universities

- The Arts – Writers, Artists, Film-Makers, other Creative

- Business – Executives and Entrepreneurs across industries

- Media – Journalists (Print, Television, Radio, Online) and other Media Executives

- Philanthropy – Executives and Voluteers from Global Charities focussed on Teens

- Religion and Philosophy – Spititual Leaders across Faiths

- Government – Local, National and International Political Leaders

If YOU have a suggested speaker or if you are a Leader willing to share your insignts with young people via The Do Write Campaign, we would love to hear from you!