Myanmar (Burma): FXB – Stop Human Trafficking

FXB BurmaThe Do Write Campaign has partnered with FXB Myanmar, an organization based in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) that is dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Through its website, conferences, and global network of young people, The Do Write Campaign is working to raise awareness and support for FXB and the thousands of young Burmese women that have been enslaved as sex workers, child brides, and forced laborers. The Do Write Campaign is planning to work with FXB and other local organizations  to hold a major conference in Myanmar in 2013 that will bring together teenage women from the USA and Myanmar to discuss pressing social and human rights issues such as human trafficking.

According to its website: “FXB was founded in 1992 as a rescue mission for ninety-five young Burmese women involved in the Thai sex trade. The repatriation of the young women back to the Burmese capital Yangon was followed by a comprehensive reintegration program.

FXB’s social and professional capacity-building program in Myanmar was launched in 1993 to reinforce the capacities of young women forced into commercial sex work and infected with AIDS. FXB aimed at enabling victims of human trafficking to regain a well-balanced and dignified life, and ultimately, become self-sufficient. The scope of the program has then widened to include street children, children infected and/or affected by HIV and AIDS, and AIDS orphans.

Providing basic education and vocational training, FXB helps young people develop their skills and their economic status.”

slide-1In December 2012, DWC Founder Madeleine Lippey organized a second Do Write conference in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar is a military dictatorship that has been closed to the outside world for over sixty years and is just now beginning to open up and confront its human rights issues. Madeleine’s goal for this conference was to promote awareness of Myanmar’s human trafficking problem, and start a dialogue with Thai and Burmese victims, many of whom are young women that have been enslaved as sex workers or child brides. She is currently working with the National League for Democracy of Myanmar and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to host a much larger conference in Myanmar in late 2013/early 2014. Madeleine has also produced a documentary film about human trafficking in Myanmar.
Click on the video player below to see a clip from Madeleine Lippey’s documentary film “Candle Girls – Human Trafficking in Burma”: