India/Pakistan (Kashmir) : “Whispers from Kashmir” Project

Official Logo PNG- KAQThe Do Write Campaign has partnered with Kashmir Art Quest to create the “Whispers from Kashmir” Project, as a way for young people in this beautiful but war-torn region between India and Pakistan to express themselves to the wider world through writing and artistic media.

Kashmir Art Quest is an organisation founded with an aim to unearth, rediscover, revive and promote the immense art talent in the turmoil and conflict-ridden state of Jammu and Kashmir – creating an alternate breathing space – and introducing the world to art practices in Kashmir. Kashmir Art Quest works in its own unique way, creating unique platforms and opportunities for the artists of Kashmir and engaging the world of art with the masses and all sectors of life. Kashmir Art Quest strives to establish standard art education and spreading awareness about the importance of art. Under the vibrant banner of art, Kashmir Art Quest also supports progressive groups, organisations, initiatives and individuals, and uses art to address issues of all sorts. Kashmir Art Quest is dedicated towards the cause of peace and creating a culture of innovation and creativity.

In the Summer of 2010, DWC Founder Madeleine Lippey volunteered with Cross Cultural Solutions in Dharmasala, India, where she worked with impoverished young people from the exiled Tibetian community and members of the migrant Kashmiri community. During her time in India, Madeleine wrote a screenplay and made a documentary film to capture her experiences and raise awareness among American teenagers.

Click on the video player below to see a clip of Madeleine Lippey’s film “The Paradox of Our Age” Filmed in Dharmasala, India, Summer 2010