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Alex, 17, Washington

I’m dying. I guess I should just accept it. It’s such an UGLY word. CANCER. It has, “I can, sir” in it. I guess that’s sort of ironic. I kinda just want to scream back up to…

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Kimberley, 17, South Africa

There’s a pretty little town where I live,

Less of a town and more of a ship,

Guess that’s why they call it a township.

There’s a pretty little body on the path where my best…

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Phirun, 14, Cambodia

I watched her

And him

As they walked together, hand in hand,

Sweat beads scraping his back

And sweat pearls healing her neck

As they kept on,

Kept on walking,

They turned to me,




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Tamara, 13, New York

Being poor isn’t bad. Not really. I watch the girls on TV with the cars and the clothes and the pretty blonde hair. And I’m not jealous. Not really. Just sort of down. I know my…

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