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From a Fish: Diane Chong, 16, Singapore

From a Fish

I am a fish
Looking out from my fishbowl.

There are people laughing and dogs barking,
Cats climbing and squirrels yapping.
The scent of danger and risk fill the air,
And I take…

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English Translation: Myanmar Teen Article on DWC

Myanmar Teen Magazine Cover

From Myanmar Teen Magazine (February 2013)

English Translation of the Original Burmese text:

World Famous Teen’s Website Page

The Do Write Campaign internet page was founded by Madeleine Lippey, a 16 year old girl from the United States.…

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Madeleine Lippey Featured in Myanmar Teen Magazine

burma teen

Madeleine Lippey and The Do Write Campaign were featured in the February 2013 edition of Myanmar Teen Magazine, a leading publication for young people in this nation of 60 million people.

Madeleine visted Myanmar, also known…

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Stop Human Trafficking – DWC at MTV Event in Burma

echo-pages (5)YANGON, MYANMAR Dec’12: The Do Write Campaign held its second international conference in Myanmar (Burma) and established several important partnerships with local organizations to help raise awareness and support for the problem of human trafficking and the modern-day enslavement of…

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