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Eradicated: Oh Dean, 17, Israel

Oh Dean, 17, Israel

(English after Hebrew)

צרחות, צרחות, אף אחד לא שומע
בכי, דמעות, אף אחד לא יודע
היסטרית, זועמת, מגזימה, תוקפנית
זה לא עניין של דעה
מול החברה אני מנהלת מלחמה

מלחמה על זהות,…

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Gender, oh Gender: Darious, 16, Palestine

Gender, oh Gender” – A Monologue
Darious, 16, Palestine

Gender, oh gender
the burden of gender
the dichotomy
the binary
the way you’re oversimplified
and then turned into shackles
the shackles that bind…

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Young Birds Outside Cages: Sara, 15, Andover, MA

Young Birds Outside Cages

Sara, 15, Andover, MA

Greeting cards
And Lifetime movies
Routinely tell us that everyone deserves love
Everyone deserves air
And clean water
And a roof over their head

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Infinity in Her Head: Diane Chong, 16, Singapore

Infinity in Her Head
Her face is pale birch wood or potato flesh.
White, bland, boring.

Her mind is an explosion gone awry
Intensely hued, a million different paths stemming from a single thread of thought.


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INEXPERIENCED DRIVER: Erica, 17, Pennsylvania

I’m too short to drive
“Short” meaning my feet don’t reach the pedals
Meaning I can see just about as much as those stereotypical little old ladies can see
Over their dashboards
Emphasis on the “little.”...

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